Gibraltar 4709 Boom Cymbal Stand


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  • Hinged height adjustments
  • Nylon inserts for no metal to metal contact
  •  New “G” style pedal board design
    • Cymbal Boom Stand
    • Low-mass, double-braced construction
    • Lightweight
    • Hinged height adjustments
    • Nylon inserts for no metal to metal contact


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Gibraltar 4709 Boom Cymbal Stand

Gibraltar 4709 Double-Braced Lightweight Boom Stand

4000 Series stands feature a low-mass construction with sturdy double-braced tripods. Stands feature hinged height adjustment with nylon inserts that protect with no metal-to-metal contact. The cymbal boom rod section folds into the stand with a hideaway feature, all cymbal tilters are 8mm with fine tooth adjustment.

Gibraltar Cymbal Stands

Cymbal stands are a key element to any drum setup no matter if you are adding to an existing setup or building a new setup. Gibraltar leads the way with five series of cymbal stands to fit any playing situation. Each series provide unique features and innovations, while maintaining the high standards that are Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Hardware

We’re not into maple, beech, or birch. We’re not drum builders. We’re not into bronze alloys and hand hammering. We’re not cymbal-smiths. We are Gibraltar. And Gibraltar is hardware. This undeniable focus makes us better at what we do and who we do it for. No matter what brand of kit you play, Gibraltar supports them all. Rock Solid isn’t just our slogan. It’s our mission.


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