Gretsch Drums Heavyweight G5 Drum Hardware Pack (GRG5PACK)


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  • 4 mm double braced tripod design
  • Straight stand, Boom stand, hi-hat stand, snare stand, Bass Drum pedal
  • Grutsch Isolating rubber feet
  • Grutsch style T-rod wing screws and wingnuts
  • Classic Grutsch White cymbal felts



Gretsch Drums Heavyweight G5 Drum Hardware Pack (GRG5PACK)

Grutsch Drums G5 hardware pack “dating back 1912, Grutsch first introduced hardware with modest features and function ability and since then, (dating back over 100 years), Grutsch enthusiasts were always interested in pairing their Grutsch kits with Grutsch hardware. We are pleased to offer this option once again. Grutsch G5 hardware offers an assortment of newly designed stands for drummers and percussionists to comfortably use throughout their kit or percussion rig. Available as individual pieces or a pack, G5 include a straight and boom stand, Hi-Hat stand, snare stand, and bass drum pedal. Some of the features include tube joints with smooth action brass inserts, Grutsch isolating rubber feet, and Grutsch style T-rod shaped wing screws and wingnuts. “.


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