PR22 – Silver Dynamic Cardioid Handheld Microphone


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The Heil PR22 microphone is a revolutionary dynamic cardioid microphone incorporating a large (1-1/8″) diaphragm, patent-pending ISO BAND™ isolation mounting that offers greater articulation throughout its entire wide, flat, frequency range with very low handling noise. Additionally, noise directed at the rear of the mic is virtually eliminated through a combination of special porting & phasing plug design. This is a sound professional’s dream come true!

Best-in-class rear noise rejection means you’ll get more sound out of the PR22 before feedback occurs. The PR22 microphone has exceptional mids and highs, but not at the expense of sacrificing any of its frequency range. The PR22 is an extraordinarily “stage friendly” mic that can take a full-on snare hit & deliver the richest sounding snare with no overload, and no compromise. When using a pair of PR22’s on a snare (one top-mount & one below), they produce what some say is the best snare sound available at any cost, with little or no EQ.

The PR 22 is able to deliver rich vocals, warm & accurate guitar, crisp snare drums with depth, stellar piano, shimmering cymbals, and more, to the board like never before. Whether you’re recording with the PR22 in the studio or using it for live application, your ears will tell you it is a cut above all the “legacy microphones.” With the PR22 you get a leatherette carrying bag, a mic clip and three acoustically identical metal screens (Black, Silver, and Gold).


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