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We call the Kitchen-to-Go the K2G for short. The Carry Case that comes with this K2G includes straps to hold a Café or Water Bottle. The bundle comes pre-packed with instructions.

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Product Description:

This bundle provides key items to help set up an outdoor kitchen. It includes;

  • The Multi-fuel Stove, designed to burn wood or gas. The Stove has folding legs and a collapsible combustion chamber, so it is stable for cooking, but compact for storage.
  • The Gas Adapter, designed for use with lindal-style canisters. The Gas Adapter has a 13-inch-long hose and a flow control.
  • The Prep Surface, designed for cutting, staging or serving food. The Prep Surface has a bamboo top and is designed to nest with the Stove.
  • The Carry Case is durable and designed to carry the Stove, Prep Surface, Café and accessories (including the gas adapter). It has a handle, zipper pocket and straps to hold the Café or Water Bottle.

The Prep Surface does not protect users or others against food-borne bacteria. Always clean and wash this product thoroughly before and after each use.

Technical Details:


Height: 1.5 in (3.8 cm)-packed / 6.3 in (16 cm)-in use
Depth: 6.5 in (16.5 cm)
Width: 9 in (22.9 cm)

Gas Adapter

Hose Length: 13 in (33 cm)
Height (in-use): 2 in (5 cm)

Prep Surface

Height: 1.6 in (4.2 cm)-packed / 3.13 in (8 cm)-in use
Depth: 6.5 in (16.5 cm)
Width: 9 in (22.9 cm)

Carrying Case

Height: 12 in (30.5 cm)
Depth: 7.5 in (19 cm)
Width: 3 in (7.62 cm)

Total Bundle Weight – 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)

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