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Brand nCamp
Fuel Type Alcohol, Charcoal
Product Dimensions 11.98"L x 31.29"W x 31.69"H
Power Source Gas Powered
Maximum Energy Output 600 British Thermal Units
Item Weight 78.25 Ounces
UPC 850004697078
Global Trade Identification Number 00850004697078
  • Complete Camping Stove Essentials – Complete your camping cooking gear with nCamp Stove Plus small wood stove set. This Stove Plus portable gas burner set is a perfect tool to help you maximize your outdoor experience.
  • Multiple Fuel Options - Bring this small wood burning stove to your next epic adventure! Our single burner camp stove accommodates solid fuels such as wood, charcoal, and hexamine and liquid fuels such as isopropane, gas, and alcohol.
  • Compact & Portable – Our outdoor wood stove set is designed to be compact & light together with its functional accessories. This portable camping stove has an innovative collapsing combustion chamber, so you can lay it down flat, reducing the bulk in your pack.
  • Built To Last – Our small wood burning stove set is made from premium-quality stainless steel and aluminum. The Stove Plus single burner camp stove is not susceptible to corrosion and oxidation allowing you to reuse it on your next camping or hiking trip.
  • Grab Your Pick – For your convenience, we curated 4 outdoor wood stove set options for you. You can have our camping gas stove with the gas adapter only. Or, go for an effortless carry with its compact carrying case plus its inclusive camping essentials.
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Product Description:

ncamp stove cafe prep surface
ncamp camping kitchen to go

nCamp Gear

nCamp is an outdoor gear company that makes innovative products that are compact and designed to elevate your camping experience.

Inspired by the desire to make experiencing the outdoors better, nCamp look for opportunities to improve common tasks.

Each day presents a new opportunity to explore the world and the nCamp team is inspired to help you ‘pack small / adventure Big.’

nCamp makes backpacking and camping more enjoyable by developing products that are easy-to-use, durable, and affordable.

Camping Stove

foldable camping stove

wood camping stove

gas camping stove

Foldable Camping Stove

Designed as a backpacking stove, it is compact, durable, and safe to use. Just unfold the legs, expand the combustion chamber, add a handful of twigs and light. Soon you will have a fire hot enough to cook, boil water or roast marshmallows.

Wood Burning Stove

It burns twigs as its primary fuel source, making possible nearly an endless supply of fuel when used near forests and other wooded areas. The wood burning stove is the perfect example of a cooking device that’s more than just a hot burner. It’s a friend that goes with you on the journey. It keeps you company while heating your food and drink at every turn along the way.

Multiple Fuel Options

By making a collapsible combustion chamber, nCamp created a compact and effective system that accommodates both wood/biomass and solid/liquid fuels. Choose which one works best for you while out on the trail. See how easy it is to use wood, liquid and solid fuels with the nCamp Stove.

Prep Surface

camping preparation surface

camping cutting surface

camping serving surface

Collapsible Design Preparation Surface

The nCamp Prep Surface is an awesome outdoor cooking accessory. No longer do you have to worry about your food ending up in the dirt or finding a stable rock to set your coffee cup.

Cutting Surface

The Prep Surface offers a stable cutting, prep and setting surface while cooking outdoors.

The bamboo top is a great cutting surface and is naturally anti-microbial. It is lightly coated with a vegetable oil finish and is easy to clean.

Serving Surface

The Prep Surface is a cutting and work surface that helps you prepare and enjoy a meal. The nCamp Stove & Prep Surface were designed to nest together. When coupled with the Stove, the Prep Surface becomes a handy camp kitchen accessory you won’t want to go without.


camping cafe maker

espresso cafe camping

outdoor coffee brewing


The nCamp Café is inspired by technology that was cutting-edge technology in 1933. Just fill the bottom chamber with water, add ground coffee to the funnel and heat. This process is tried and true for making a great cup of coffee!

Brew coffee anywhere

Who says that you can’t have delicious, espresso-style coffee while on a hike, camping or at a beach picnic? The Café will brew up hot, upscale coffee in minutes! No matter where you are! The nCamp Stove & Café are perfect for backpacking, hiking or a simple backyard bbq with the family.

Easy to use

You work your magic by the light of early sunrise to share espresso-style coffee with the rest of the crew. The nCamp Café is the magic; about the size of a water bottle and brews great-tasting coffee. Just add water & coffee grounds, heat and enjoy.

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