SILCA Tire Levers Premio


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MATERIAL | Forged Alloy blade in an optimized curved shape for best leverage and ergonomics

MATERIAL | Reinforced Nylon Rim Shield Safe for Use on Carbon Rims

FEATURE | Integrated spoke-hook wing

SIZE |105mm x 25mm x 7mm (Perfect for SILCA MATTONE or ASYMMETRICO)

WEIGHT | (Two levers and neoprene sleeve) = 36 grams

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Ultra-Premium Levers Optimized for Carbon Rims Modern carbon rims and tires create a real challenge for traditional tire levers, and the new wave of tubeless setups have take the challenge to the next level. Tire fits are tighter than they?ve ever been, while carbon rims require non-metal levers to resist damage to the bead or brake surface during use. Previous solutions to this problem have involved using a metal core inside of a plastic lever, however this solution has its own challenges as the core of the lever is where you can add the least stiffness and strength. This leaves metal core levers both less stiff and heavier than they need to be.

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SILCA Tire Levers Premio