SPYPOINT Link-Micro-S-LTE Solar Cellular Trail Camera with LIT-10 Battery, Micro SD Card, Card Reader, and Mount (Link-Micro-S-LTE-V)


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Wireless Communication Technology :? Cellular
Power Source 😕 Solar Powered, Battery Powered
Video Capture Resolution :? 480p
Light Source Type 😕 Infrared


About this item

  • Includes SPYPOINT LIT-10 rechargeable lithium battery, SPYPOINT 16GB MicroSD card. Mount and card reader by TRAIL CAMS GALORE, a protected brand
  • Never buy batteries with the integrated solar panel and rechargeable LIT-10 battery.
  • LTE network, 10MP, .4 second trigger speed, 80 feet detection and flash range
  • Free plan available. Unlimited plan for $15 a month or $120 a year. Different options also available
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Free SPYPOINT APP with many features

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The LINK-MICRO-S-LTE marries SPYPOINT’S integrated solar panel with the included rechargeable lithium battery pack (a $49.99 value) to deliver the most efficient power solution technology to the already space-saving LINK-MICRO design. Save space, time, and money with the smallest solar cellular trail camera available NEVER BUY BATTERIES AGAIN The lithium battery and solar panel bring unlimited battery life within reach, and saves the hunter hundreds of dollars in batteries and travel over the life of the product. EASE OF USE The LINK-MICRO-S-LTE offers the perfect balance of cellular technology and a simplified platform, unburdened by complicated features. This balance can be appreciated by both tech-savvy hunters, and those new to cellular trail camera technology. SIMPLE SELECTION AND ACTIVATION PROCESS SPYPOINT trail cameras are incredibly easy to activate because they aren?t connected to your personal cell phone plan. This also gives you the flexibility to choose the carrier model that offers the best coverage where the camera will be used, instead of forcing you into a carrier model that matches your phone service. 1) Choose the carrier model that offers the best coverage at your hunting location 2) Download the SPYPOINT mobile app. Use app to manage account, settings, and view pictures 3) Follow the easy ?activate new camera? prompt in the app 4) Install SD card and lithium battery pack 5) Power on camera 6) Start receiving photos TRIGGER SPEED: 0.4 SECONDS FLASH RANGE: 80 FEET DETECTION RANGE: 80 FEET MEGAPIXELS: 10 MODES: PHOTO AND MULTI-SHOT CELLULAR NETWORK ? LTE FREE Photo Transmission Plan Option Flexible Photo Transmission Plans to Fit Your Needs 4 Power LEDs Color Photos By Day, Infrared By Night 7 Day Schedule Setup Date, time, temperature, and moon phase stamp on photos Multi-Shot, mode Continuous mode

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