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The ability to use different fuel types means you can plan for, or adjust to, environmental conditions. If it is going to be rainy or there is a fire ban, use gas. If the weather is dry and wood is readily available, use wood. You can also keep hexamine tablets available for emergencies. The Multi-fuel Stove provides a stable place to cook in all kinds of conditions.

The nCamp Multi-fuel Stove is not intended to use multiple fuels at the same time (for example, use wood or gas, not wood and gas). The nCamp Gas Adapter can be combined with a lindal-to-propane adapter for use with small propane canisters. The compact adapter can pack within the frame of the Stove for storage.

Maximum power is 2150 kcal/h.
nCamp Gas Adapter Manual

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Product Description:

The nCamp Multi-fuel Stove includes a gas port on the bottom of the combustion chamber. This port accepts our custom Gas Adapter, allowing the Stove to use mixtures like Isobutane-Propane as fuel. The Adapter includes a head that is fixed to the inside of the chamber, a hose that connects to a gas canister and a flow adjustment valve. It is small, light and easy to pack.

Technical Details:

Model Number: NAC00PAUS
Hose Length: 12.2 in (31 cm)
Head Diameter: 1.9 in (4.8 cm)
Weight: 2.75 oz (.07 kg)

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